Real polymer santas

Kassel on PCDaily

This 3-inch round santa is built over glass and painted with oils in multiple coats by Doreen Kassel. Her 2013 ornaments were awarded a 2013 Niche Award. A former illustrator, Doreen loves to tell stories with polymer characters.

Read more about Doreen’s Uncommon Creatures and her own story. There’s a whole box of Santas on her Facebook page.

If you were skeptical about Santa being real and the story being true, look no further. We wished and hoped for the funds for the Raise the Roof project and you Santas delivered.

We’re nearly three quarters of the way to the goal in only a few days. The Santas have come disguised as polymer artists, as the international guild and as friends of friends who’ve never heard of polymer clay. Lots of you bought tools on Cyber Monday which gave us a big boost thanks to Lee Ann Armstrong.

Please join the Santas and help with that last quarter push to the goal.

  • reply doreen kassel ,

    thank you cynthia! also, what a great cause, i hope everyone donates to the raise the roof project!

    • reply Candice Bishop ,

      It looks like a Tim Burton character <3

      • reply Margaret Heizenrader ,

        Technically speaking, very nice. But I do see bad dreams in these.

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