Formanova on PCDaily

Karina Formanova from Russia made this polymer Crank character for her friend based on the friend’s avatar. (This may be a cultural icon. If so, please educate me.)

The hair is in charming dissaray, the eyes are bugged, and the look is so totally cold winter Monday that I couldn’t resist. And wow, Karina has some gems buried in Flickr and on her shop page – something new to shake up your Monday.

  • reply Patricia France ,

    I III wouldn’t swear by it, but it looks like a Tim Burton character. Good picture for this Monday, although all I have seen is rain for 5 days in my part of Virginia!

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      What an intriguing mashup her work is–like Petit Plat meets Stories they Tell with a touch of Alkymeiah thrown in! Love her organic bracelet on her Flickr site.

      • reply Candice Bishop ,


        • reply Norma ,

          This is adorable! Love it!

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