Petrocoin on PCDaily

From this angle you’d never guess that Beth Petrocoin’s polymer Christmas tree is built on a recycled beater from a discarded hand mixer. It’s easier to see the shape of the original below.

When the Etsy guild announced Recycled as their January design theme, Beth was all over it. She covered the beater with a thin layer of liquid polymer and applied strips of green polymer in a quilling style. Dots on the base are mirrored by red dots on the branches.

Petrocoin on PCDaily

Recycling is one of Beth’s passions as you’ll see on her Flickr page and her Etsy shops here and here.

Malta for Christmas?

Registration is open for EuroSynergy in Malta this spring. Now wouldn’t that be a lovely present? No shopping, no wrapping, no assembly required for this dream gift that will allow you to meet up with a few hundred of the world’s most passionate artists who speak your language – polymer! Give this link to your favorite Santa. There’s even a payment plan.

Secret Santa Giveaway

Want to be a Secret Santa? Send the name of someone you know who’d love a Beyond Belief or Cutting Edge book from Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes. For a chance to win, Email or Facebookย (by private message) the name of your entry now.

Scroll down to the bottom of their latest newsletterย or check Facebook for all the details of their Way2Give marathon. The entry deadline has been pushed back to midnight Tuesday…that’s tonight.

  • reply Cindy Matthews ,

    This is one of Beth’s most spectacular creations for the sheer creativity and innovation – recycling and polymer quilling! Way to go Beth.

    One small note, Cynthia, it was not a local guild that is running this monthly challenge, but the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists’ Guild of Etsy).


    • reply Beth Petricoin ,

      Thank you so much for the feature!! This was such a wonderful gift to wake up to this morning.. Christmas came one day early for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • reply Susan O'Neill ,

        Beth is ALWAYS thinking outside the box, and in this case, it’s recycled ๐Ÿ˜€

        • reply Jill Kollmann ,

          Beth’s creativity is always so well-thought out! Her mind’s eye is so very inventive. The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy’s (PCAGOE) web site features more great recycled and reclaimed work for the January challenge.

          • reply carole ,

            I love the way Beth’s brain works! She is always clever!

            • reply Dan + Tracy ,

              Hi Cynthia,
              Just wanted to say thank you for your part in our little ‘Christmas Conspiracy.’ We received several very thoughtful and heartwarming Secret Santa letters, and what fun it was to spend Boxing Day extending the giving of Christmas with books on their way to a bunch of unsuspecting recipients. To head into the New Year, we’re going to be sharing some of their stories on our facebook page. We hope you and your readers will enjoy hearing more about some of the special connections between people in our community…

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