Less and more polymer

Dimitriadi on PCDaily

Eri Dimitriadi’s earrings are composed of flattened curvy wafers of black polymer layered on top of each other with metal stamens poking out. One of the stamens becomes the earwire. That’s it and yet it’s much more.

Eri is a fulltime architect in Greece and she calls herself a minimalist. See her wall installations and read about how she likes to pare down nature’s complexity to essential shapes.

She sticks with a black and white palette with an occasional dash of color and prefers her necklaces off-center. You can see her works on Facebook and catch a glimpse of her influences on Pinterest.

When you’re tied up in technique and color, it’s refreshing to see how less can be more.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Very elegant — I love these!

    • reply genevieve williamson ,

      Eri has a great sense of design – I’m so happy to see her work featured here!

      • reply Eri ,

        Thank you so much for this feature! I am really flattered! 🙂

        • reply Fran ,

          The black earrings are exquisite! Thank you for the inspiration. I am doing quite a bit of black and white work in polymer for the wall and appreciate seeing what Eri is doing.

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