Crowley on PCDaily

Olympic fervor has thrown us into an oddly patriotic mood. Who better to show team spirit than Chicago’s Dan Crowley? His ladies, loosely based on his aunts, are his favorite characters. This one is called America the Beautiful!

Crowley on PCDaily

Dan is a sculptor and puppeteer and you can watch him build a finger puppet while he talks about his career in this short video interview. He sells online through Etsy and Art Of Toys and shares new works and tidbits on Facebook.

Five winners

Five lucky PCD readers will be picked to win a copy of the Fire issue of From Polymer To Art magazine published by Saskia and Marjon in the Netherlands.

Scroll down and submit a comment to this post and you’re automatically entered in the giveaway drawing. Instead of competing for Olympic gold or silver, you’ll be in the running for Fire if you make a comment by Sunday midnight. Look at the goodies in this issue and have a winning weekend.

  • reply judy massey ,

    lok forward to reading daily post. always learn something new

    • reply Randi B. Bystrøm ,

      Oh! It is impossible to buy the magazine in Norway! Hope I win it so I can get a look at it before I subscribe.

      • reply Sheila Willert ,

        I would LOVE to win a copy of FIRE from Polymer to Art. I love that creative bracelet pictured. I think it could spark a lot of ideas and projects. Pick me!

        • reply Emily Miller ,

          Would love to check out new issue of From Polymer to Art!

          • reply Pascale Putz ,

            I’s love to win the last issue of From Polymer to Art

            • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

              What a fun thing to win!

              • reply Karen Price ,

                Karen Lee Price Luda would LOVE to have that cd. Or anything polymer clay. But win or lose, it’s great to be part of this community.

                • reply Debbie ,

                  Just took a peek at the magazine’s “goodies” and would love to make that cute owl votive.

                  • reply Wendy Bailey ,

                    I would love one of your copies of Fire from Polymer to Art as I find creating is inspired by seeing other great artists work in this publication.Thank you.

                    • reply Janet ,

                      What a treat, fingers crossed! :0)

                      • reply arlene schiek ,

                        oh my….yet another must have !!! 🙂 It’s great to see polymer continuing to be recognized as an art medium.

                        • reply Judi Crespo ,

                          FFFrom Polymer to Art looks like a wonderful resource!

                          • reply Carol Burk ,

                            What a fun figure! I’m trying to get into sculpting but I’m really new at PC. Would love to have this magazine’s FIRE issue.

                            • reply Line ,

                              Would love to win! Of course, thanks for the video of Dan Crawley. I love sculpting with clay and it is fun to watch others do it.

                              • reply Alene Cope ,

                                Would love to see the evolution of this publication since it first came out.

                                • reply Linda Smith ,

                                  What a ‘cheeky’ lady! Polymer goes to new heights in the hands of talented artists!
                                  Would love to have a look at the Fire issue – something new to add to the temptation of polymer clay!

                                  • reply Jane Rieck ,

                                    I love Polymer Clay Daily. It is something to look forward to DAILY! I must see if From Polymer to Art is available in the U.S. xo

                                  • reply Jan Montarsi ,

                                    The first time I ever saw polymer clay was 22 years ago – I bought a Santa Finger puppet for my sister. I’ve been in love with his work ever since. !!

                                    I could burn the Midnight Oil with the Fire Issue !!

                                    • reply Marie ,


                                      • reply Jeri ,

                                        Would love to win “Fire” an immerse myself in all the lovely pictures and articles.

                                        • reply Betty Taylor ,

                                          Gosh, I am inspired by the creativity and diversity of what you can do with polymer clay. I’d love to Fire up my imagination with this issue!

                                          • reply Nancy Zorn MIcke ,

                                            I’m fairly new to this medium – and loving it as a way to survive a long WI winter! This issue would certainly get me to spring!

                                            • reply Amy Paulin ,

                                              I love how the personality of the polymer clay artist comes out in their creations, and then their creations have their own personality to them! Dan’s work is inspiring to say the least.

                                              • reply ELISA DELLITURRI ,

                                                I would be happy to receive the magazine. I wanted to subscribe for some time but I was afraid that I did not like, so I could look at it and decide.

                                                • reply kerrita k. ,

                                                  totally totally intrigued. thank you for the offer…
                                                  -kerrita k.

                                                  • reply Bonnie Kreger ,

                                                    Thank you for offering a free copy of Polymer to Art. It’s a wonderful magazine, I would love to win this copy.
                                                    This is a wonderful website and I look forward to getting this email every day.

                                                    • reply Lucy ,

                                                      Love Polymer Clay Daily! Never knew there were so many of us out there! Thank you for keeping us informed!

                                                      • reply Pat Laukkonen ,

                                                        Would love a copy of the Fire issue! This sculpt rocks!

                                                        • reply Sue Urich ,

                                                          Crossing my fingers.

                                                          • reply Sheila ,

                                                            Oh my, what a gorgeous “FIRE” bracelet! I too would love to win a copy of Polymer to Art. What inspiration, thank you.

                                                            • reply Melinda Collins ,

                                                              Hah! What a funny lady. Would love to win Fire. Read your posts every day. It’s a must for me.

                                                              • reply Alison ,

                                                                Dan Crowley’s work is amazing!

                                                                • reply Kathy Weaver ,

                                                                  I sure would love to win a copy of “Fire”….I seem to need to HAVE every polymer publication!

                                                                  • reply Pat Krauchune ,

                                                                    Hail to the red white and blue!

                                                                    • reply AAlisa ,

                                                                      I’d love to win this! It looks like fantastic inspiration!

                                                                      • reply Corine Lindhorst ,

                                                                        Fun sculpture, hoping I’m the winner!

                                                                        • reply Deb Norling ,

                                                                          Looks like a great issue!

                                                                          • reply Julie Parrish ,

                                                                            The work in FIRE looks amazing! I’m very intigued by the raised dots in graduated shades on one of the pieces. Skinner blend? How applied?

                                                                            • reply Beth Wegener ,

                                                                              Love it!

                                                                              • reply Vicki Landtiser ,

                                                                                I so look forward to this email every day. I have only been working with polymer clay about 8 months but I do absolutely love it and I learn so much from the different techniques and items displayed here. To think about Fire and polymer clay, wow, blows my mind what could be done. Thanks for the opportunity to win this issue.

                                                                                • reply Marina Guard Whigham ,

                                                                                  Haven’t seen Polymer to Art yet. Fire would be a great one to start with! Keeping my fingers crossed.

                                                                                  • reply Mary Peterson ,

                                                                                    Dan’s sculpture is hilarious and fun. As always, PCD has shown me something cool to start my day. And the magazine looks really great too! Thank you.

                                                                                    • reply Chris Towey ,

                                                                                      Would love to win this to fire my imagination

                                                                                      • reply Carol Dotin ,

                                                                                        This is the one PC magazine missing from my repertoire–one that I’ve never been able to check out–would love, love, love to win it!

                                                                                        • reply Helen H ,

                                                                                          Haven’t seen that magazine yet and would love to see it.

                                                                                          • reply Joanie B. ,

                                                                                            Wow! What a hot chick! Haha!

                                                                                            • reply Cyndi ,

                                                                                              I’m all “Fired” up to get my hands on the issue!

                                                                                              • reply Ashleen ,

                                                                                                Hi Cynthia,
                                                                                                Thanks a lot for offering this contest! things like this are so fun to enter in! I got the earth issue awhile ago and it was loaded with inspiration.
                                                                                                Thanks again,

                                                                                                • reply Mary Etta ,

                                                                                                  Of course I would love to win a free issue of From Polymer to Art – their publication is fantastic! But.. I have to say my first inclination was to comment on Dan’s sculpture – she could be my Great Aunt Emma – and great she was. A milliner by trade to the ladies of Hamilton Ontario, she was always turned out beautifully as well – albeit with blue eye shadow. When she sat me on her lap to chit-chat I was enveloped in her Yardley April Violets perfume. She died when I was twelve and years later while working in a grocery store, a lady came by with that scent sending me right to pharmacy to pick up a bottle for myself.

                                                                                                  Always love a reminder of that fabulous lady – thanks.

                                                                                                  • reply Céline ,

                                                                                                    I always really like to read PCD blogpost. So wonderful to see how versatile this medium is. Would love to win a magazine, I have never seen it before but it looks really intersting! Thanks for the chance!

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