Crowley on PCDaily

Olympic fervor has thrown us into an oddly patriotic mood. Who better to show team spirit than Chicago’s Dan Crowley? His ladies, loosely based on his aunts, are his favorite characters. This one is called America the Beautiful!

Crowley on PCDaily

Dan is a sculptor and puppeteer and you can watch him build a finger puppet while he talks about his career in this short video interview. He sells online through Etsy and Art Of Toys and shares new works and tidbits on Facebook.

Five winners

Five lucky PCD readers will be picked to win a copy of the Fire issue of From Polymer To Art magazine published by Saskia and Marjon in the Netherlands.

Scroll down and submit a comment to this post and you’re automatically entered in the giveaway drawing. Instead of competing for Olympic gold or silver, you’ll be in the running for Fire if you make a comment by Sunday midnight. Look at the goodies in this issue and have a winning weekend.

  • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

    Amazing sculpture, but do check out the short video interview – wow. What he says really touched a chord with me, I couldn’t agree more with his ethos, and what a true master of his craft. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • reply Carrie Harvey ,

      Dan’s aunts must be pretty scary!
      I would love to win a copy of the Fire issue….it’s a hard magazine to come by in the UK but a great read when l do get hold of a copy!

      • reply valda belyeu ,

        Looking at the exciting projects inside, I would love to be able to win this issue. That red wiggle bracelet looks so fun and so do the canal house! Hoping I win!<3

        • reply karen nelson ,

          This copy looks awesome. Would love a copy. This is one of the best polymer clay magazines.

          • reply Sharon Nodelman ,

            She is one scary lady. The magazine looks very inspirational. I would love to win a copy.

            • reply Peggy Ward ,

              Always looking forward to your posts, Cynthia, and then the chance to win something! Bonus! Thanks for always giving us the best.

              • reply Denise Miller ,

                I’d love to win Fire!

                • reply Laura Lang ,

                  Ooooh thanks for this opportunity! I am feeling lucky. 🙂

                  • reply susan berkowitz ,

                    I’d love to see inside his mind! She is terrific. I’d love to win the magazine – always love pouring over the projects and ideas. Thanks.

                    • reply Diane Wong ,

                      He makes sculpting look so easy and I’m really looking forward to this magazine!

                      • reply Sharon Walsh ,

                        Looks like a great magazine. Would like to win a issue

                        • reply Michele Reavis ,

                          My computer won’t play the video but I wish it would. His characters in the picture with him look amazing & I’d love to find out more.
                          I checked out the magazine. LOVE the owl!!! Would love to learn how to make those flames too!

                          • reply Carolyn ,

                            I love these ladies, I bet the sculptor had a fun childhood with his aunts. Great memories.

                            • reply Lorrene ,

                              I loved this post Cynthia… so much that I shared the link to Mr. Crawley’s video on Face Book.

                              • reply Cynthia Becker ,

                                Polymer Clay Daily is always a part of my weekday morning routine. I thoroughly enjoy seeing work by artists from around the world, and a special pleasure when an artist I know turns up. Thanks, Cynthia, for maintaining such a long term blog with always interesting artists and their work. Winning the Fire would just be a bonus.

                                • reply Caroline Alderman ,

                                  I look forward each day to your PCD post. It’s helpful to discover artists who are new to me and to be reminded to revisit artists’ sites to see their new work…What a delight! Thank you for your generosity!!!

                                  • reply Hope ,

                                    FABULOUS! I love her wry expression!

                                    • reply Tiffani Martin ,

                                      Ohhh, fire. Fire is good. I can only imagine the cool stuff in this magazine. Definitely want one!

                                      • reply Charlotte ,

                                        He certainly has his own signature style and you can see the puppeteer in his works. Great video talking about his creativity and how he creates.

                                        • reply marijke ,

                                          another interesting publication, and those gorgeous sculptures. One does not have to be patriotic to enjoy them, considering I live in Australia after coming from the Netherlands.

                                          • reply Carol Elliott ,

                                            That was a very interesting video to watch and to listen to him talk is sort of putting in words about why we all do what we do with our art. Thanks for sharing!

                                            • reply Lori ,

                                              Great video. I like his style and attitude towards life. Money certainly does NOT buy happiness.
                                              Pick me, Pick me for the magazine!

                                              • reply Susan Samuel ,

                                                Wow! I do so love Dan’s characters. I wish I could make some of my pieces while talking with someone. I need all my concentration to make sure I produce something that is recognisable. Love this newsletter.

                                                • reply Myra ,

                                                  I would love to win. That’s a great periodical!

                                                  • reply Hermine ,

                                                    Wonderful to get to know his family. Do the aunt mind?
                                                    I love my daily visit on this blog. I allways learn something new. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

                                                    • reply Jackie ,

                                                      What a work of art! FIRE magazine sounds wonderful!

                                                      • reply Shirley Rufener ,

                                                        Fire looks amazing from the samples, I don’t have a copy of this issue and would love one to add to my water and yellow issues!


                                                        • reply Gloria McGregor ,

                                                          Oh would be very very happy to win a copy of FIRE.

                                                          • reply Bastet ,

                                                            I’d love to win a copy! I read all of your emails! Keep them coming!

                                                            • reply Tina Bagshaw ,

                                                              Have been eyeing that mag> Would love to win.

                                                              • reply Priscilla ,

                                                                Dan must be lots of fun. And having this copy of Polymer to Art would be amazing. Thanks for all you do to support and promote those of us who love polymer.

                                                                • reply Denise Spillane ,

                                                                  I used to work with someone who looked like her, she was a nice lady!

                                                                  • reply Deb Sims ,

                                                                    Dan’s aunts are fabulous! Way more personality than Uncle Sam! This country needs more strong women!

                                                                    • reply ilse ,

                                                                      Wauw! I love the “look” in the eyes and the nose-shapes. Great!

                                                                      • reply Ellen Giglia ,

                                                                        I am always inspired by PCD. The photos from Fire make me want to head to my craft room NOW!

                                                                        • reply Gerri McCullough ,

                                                                          Love your daily posts. It inspires me to no end! Thank you!

                                                                          • reply Alice Jenks ,

                                                                            Love his work! It was very interesting to watch him build his little jester and to hear his philosophy of an art-filled life.

                                                                            • reply Peggy Barnes ,

                                                                              What a wonderful opportunity for myself or anyone. I have just recently became interested in sculpting figures. Mostly fairies but sculpting is such a challenge for me. It is something I have always had in the back of my mind but just figured I couldn’t do it so never pursued my passion. They are coming out with more molds and such but That part doesn’t interest me I would love to learn from the center out and fill this would be a great place perhaps to start or at least get some much needed inspiration. Love the full figure curves. Puts a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing.

                                                                              • reply Emma-Jane ,

                                                                                Thank you for the opportunity to win. 😀

                                                                                [Love this site. I visit every weekday, such a lot of inspiration]

                                                                                • reply Arlene ,

                                                                                  With the forecast continuing at 25 below for the next few weeks, a copy of Fire to curl up with would be perfect.
                                                                                  love your daily posts

                                                                                  • reply Milli Jewell ,

                                                                                    I’ve loved Mr. Crowley’s work for years. His aunts must have been some powerful women!

                                                                                    • reply Joseph Davis ,

                                                                                      I’m on fire for polymer clay daily! It’s my homepage on my web browser at work. I’d love a copy of the magazine!

                                                                                      • reply Angela McDorman ,

                                                                                        I so enjoy my daily dose of PCD. There are so many creative people in the polymer clay world and I love finding out about them here. Living on a fixed income doesn’t always allow me to purchase all the magazines I want so winning a copy of Polymer to Art would be fantastic. Thank you 🙂

                                                                                        • reply Kelli ,

                                                                                          This work reminds me so much of Wayland Flowers and Madame.

                                                                                          I do appreciate seeing so many varied artists and their work — I always come away with some new idea of something I would like to make. I’ve ordered a book from the library about creating lifelike sculptures since that’s an aspect of claywork I am terrified to try because it seems like something only “professionals” can do…which I why I’m doing it. Who knows – maybe I DO have the talent 🙂

                                                                                          • reply Marlene Brady ,

                                                                                            Would love to be included in the drawing. Thanks for the opportunity. Love the sculptures (my sense of humor).

                                                                                            • reply Aims ,

                                                                                              What a wonderful studio Dan has amassed around himself for inspiration! Not only his own works but an amazing array of other visuals to inspire him wherever he looks! How fabulous! You could spend days in there and not see everything!

                                                                                              Fire magazine looks like another place where polymer enthusiats can lose themselves for days on end as well. There are too few good polymer clay magazines out there and seeing this one is a welcoming sight.

                                                                                              • reply Linda ,

                                                                                                I would love to me Dan’s Aunts. They must have personality with a capital P! Send me that Fire issue of From Polymer to Art magazine. You won’t be sorry you did.

                                                                                                • reply Linda ,

                                                                                                  Darn auto correct! I meant I would love to MEET Dan’s Aunts.

                                                                                                  • reply Kate Clawson ,

                                                                                                    Those are the most impressive eyebrows I’ve ever seen! Wonderful sculptor!

                                                                                                    • reply Bonnie Brace ,

                                                                                                      Fabulous dolls! And I would love to win a copy of FIRE!

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