Polymer stained glass

Purcell on PCDaily

Illinois’ Marji Purcell lets the light shine through the kaleidoscopic canes she made using Carol Simmons’ technique. (Here she is learning Carol’s process.)

For her own version, she uses Premo translucent in each of the canes that forms the master triangle. Each component cane is wrapped in black.

As she assembles the circles, Marji varies the orientation of the slices from the master triangular cane to change the resulting circular patterns. Hanging in her window, these mandalas resemble stained glass. A while back she entered her brief translucent clay video in Polyform’s tip contest.

Looking at these calming artworks, it’s not surprising to learn that Marji is a certified meditation instructor, a retired art teacher and the owner of Sumner Street Studio in Wheaton, IL. Her story of finding her studio is one you’re sure to enjoy.

  • reply Susan Baim ,

    Congratulations, Marji! As with everything else you do, this body of work is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    • reply Marji Purcell ,

      Thank you, Susan!

    • reply Pati Bannister ,

      Loveliest I’ve seen! The “soft” color achieved by use of translucent polymer is beautiful!

      • reply Carol Simmons ,

        I call this taking a technique you’ve learned and making it your own. Congratulations Marji Purcell?!

        • reply Marji Purcell ,

          Your teaching paved the way! Thank you!

        • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

          These are beautiful, and they make wonderful ‘stained glass’ artworks. Lovely, lovely work.

          • reply Priscilla Lane ,

            Seeing Marji’s work on PCD makes my eyes sparkle. We had a great time as table-neighbors at Carol’s workshop in Racine last year.

            • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

              Stunning idea! I love the colourful design and translucent effect.

              • reply Martina ,

                Me encantaría recibir siempre información de uds, gracias

                • reply Angels Xabadia ,

                  They look wonderful. I like very much all your works

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