Polymer dots and dashes

Hoffmann on PCDaily

Veronique Hoffmann’s polymer dots blink down a row of dashes of Skinner blends in spring colors.

She has experimented broadly and when she concentrates on geometry (like this one) or fabrics (one of my favorites), Veronique really shines.

She tucks lots of texture tricks and tutorials into her Flickr (and Flickrock) sites.

If you’re in the mood for simple and striking, checkout her recent work and have a lovely weekend.

  • reply Veronique Hoffmann ,

    Dear Cynthia, that was a big surprise for me.
    Thank you very much for the kind words, I am very honored that my pendant is so much appeal. I would like to thank for the many views at my work. I wish a nice weekend, mine is beautiful!
    Greetings Veronique

    • reply Leanna Englert ,

      What a versatile artist. I nearly overdosed on her Flickr images.

      • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

        Thanks for the post! Loved looking thru the Flickr portfolio and checking out the tutorials:)

        • reply Sharyn Neuwirth / NewEarth Crafts ,

          I loved looking at all the amazing pieces on Veronique’s Flickr site. Her styles and techniques are fabulous…and endless! Thanks to you too, Cynthia, for bringing us the whole world of polymer clay.

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