Bolger on PCDaily

There’s more than one way to create a selfie! Ireland’s Joanne Bolger formed her own 3DeePortrait in polymer. She cut those realistic lenses for her glasses out of a plastic bottle.

Bolger on PCDaily

Joanne has developed a knack for capturing likenesses that become gifts for all occasions.

Her polymer subjects usually sit in the foreground near the edge of the frame and on top of the mat. An illustration in the mat opening sets the scene. Here she is on Facebook.

Joanne sent me her link. I would have had a hard time finding her otherwise (hint, hint). Sometimes sending a selfie can lead to good things.

  • reply Denise graham ,

    Wonderful work Joanne, you are a skilled sculptor and your work is unique.

    • reply Joanne Bolger ,

      Thanks Denise, glad you are impressed : )

      • reply Joanne Bolger ,

        And thank you Cynthia for the post

        • reply Lorrene ,

          Awesome, Cynthia… Thank you, AGAIN.

          • reply Alison ,

            Wow! Absolutely amazing work Joanne! And thank you for the tip on cutting eye glass lenses out of a plastic bottle.

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