Welcoming Monday monster

Busanca on PCDaily

The latest monster from Sardinia’s Alessio Busanca (Buzhandmade) is flying to Galerie Friesleben where it will greet visitors to a new facility for polymer in Germany.

Ariane Friesleben has been unveiling polymer art from all over the world that will be on display in the inaugural exhibit in her new facility that opens at the end of the summer.

Enjoy a peek at the upcoming art while you admire the amazing transformation of her marvelously renovated spaces on the gallery Facebook page.

Galerie Friesleben on PCDaily

Ariane has attended to every detail and her facility is sure to be a popular destination. The colorful orc will fit right in and keep the students in line.

See more of Alessio’s creatures on Pinterest and Instagram.

  • reply Fabrizio ,

    Buzhandmade wonderful

    • reply Christine Damm ,

      As part of the festivities, Claire Maunsell is doing a workshop on August 8 & 9, 2014. Look under “1. Workshop” on Magic Toscana’s blog.

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        What a great guy. Now that I dove a little bit into sculpting as well lately I really know how hard it is. Kodos to everybody who is able to create a face that actually looks like somebody and to make hands that are no frisbees 😉
        Looking forward to see this guy in person at the Galerie Freisleben in August….

        Way to go Ariane!

        • reply Alessio Busanca ,

          Another article on polymerclaydaily…this is amazing! Thank u so much to all 🙂

          See u in GERMANY!!!

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