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Western Australia’s Debbie Crothers is venturing farther and farther into the outback. Or so it seems.

These are some of her latest polymer creations using all sorts of inclusions and something familiar but unnamed. What are you guessing?

Some of the beads are carved, painted, textured. The shapes vary and the colors are pure Aussie.

Debbie says that the more grungy the beads get, the better she likes them. She’s unearthed them for upcoming Art in the Outback workshops.


Study them more closely on Facebook, Flickr and see what she’s teaching on CraftArtEdu. She’s pinned all over the place on Pinterest.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Love Debbie’s work–she always brings something fresh to a familiar technique.

    • reply Alice Stroppel ,

      Love that Debbie is teaching in the outback and love these beads.

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        I’m guessing, without investigating, that some of those are coconut shell discs… Is that the “something familiar”?

        • reply PiperPixieDesigns ,

          Oh yes, Sherry! I noticed that, too:) Loving the piece shown. Rustic and organic. Gorgeous!

          • reply Wendy Moore ,

            Debbie’s work is so alive and exuberant. Love it. I love the seed like quality and of course the colours are very much of the desert. Even the “after a bit of rain” green! It sings Debbie.

            • reply Debbie Crothers ,

              Wow Cynthia, what a surprise to wake up to this morning – you’ve just made my day. Thanks so much for sharing these new bead of mine. Oh and Sherry – it’s all polymer clay honey, although I guess they do look a little like coconut shell discs. Thanks for such lovely words everyone…and thanks again Cynthia. xx

              • reply Jay ,

                This lady is amazing. Her work goes from dressy to earthy/organic. I prefer the earthy/ organic look because it works well for men. I have three of her classes from CraftArtEdu and am extremely satisfied with them. The videos are very well done. They are easy to follow and understand. Debbie explains what to do and what NOT to do to get good results. There is also a printout so you can take it to your worktable. These classes among the best I have ever purchased and are very reasonable. She is also very available to answer any questions you might have. I did and she answered very quickly.
                I hope she offers a class on the Art in the Outback on CraftArtEdu.
                I bet those disc aren’t coconut shell. That’s how good Debbie is. One of those ‘got ya’s.

                • reply Patrice ,

                  I just love the rustic color! Right up my ally. Going out on a limb here…coffee?

                  • reply Patrice ,

                    I just love the rustic color! Right up my ally. Going out on a limb here…coffee?

                    • reply Patrice ,

                      Oops..too quick with the send button! Thanks for the Studio Mojo give away at the Retreat. I am the lucky recipient!

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