3 inch squares for puzzle

What could all these 3″ polymer tiles add up to? There are no rules other than to follow the pattern you’re given and maintain a high contrast between the elements.

puzzle building

Tonight we find out what picture will be built from 25 of these beauties. It doesn’t really matter because they each reflect the personality of the maker. Take a closer look at tile 1, tile 2, tile 3, tile 4 and tile 5.

Then have a look at the whole shebang. Julie Eakes excels at creating these visual puzzles, a group-building exercise that some lucky winner will take home as a memento.

  • reply Wendy Jorre de St Jorre ,

    Oh wow that’s awesome! Wish I could be there!

    • reply pam southernwood ,

      How clever! Each part is beautiful and the end result is stunning!

      • reply Annie Pennington ,

        I love this!

        • reply Varda ,

          From now on I will make tiles from every project and once I have enough they will come together into a mosaic. It will never be as beautiful as Julie can create a match between tiles with different personalities.
          If Julie can create such a flow using totally different tiles maybe she missed her calling and should try to be a peace negotiator in the Middle East?

          • reply ann ,

            Wow! Sweet;)

            • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

              Cynthia….the whole shebang is wonderful. Thanks for the share.

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