Sh. Palma on PCDaily

You may enjoy reading about the birth of this sculpture from Latvia’s Diana Sh. Palma.

Diana envisioned this as her first polymer purse and decorated it heavily with what she imagined as underwater blooms. But the result was so weighty that carrying it presented a problem..

She decided instead to consider the creation a keepsake box. But Plan B didn’t work because the top and bottom had baked themselves together (probably due to the weight again).

Please admire her lovely¬†objet d’art!

You can see more of Diana’s polymer work (including tutorials) on Etsy and on Facebook. Browse her impressive collection of flowers on Flickr. She has a board devoted to art purses on Pinterest and she plans to make another attempt.

  • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

    Love it! Makes a wonderful objet!

    • reply lennochka ,

      magically, I’m in love!

      • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

        sometimes you go for a walk in the forest and get lost–and that’s a perfectly legitimate way to work. The result, if unintended, is no less beautiful. How much of the worlds best art, do you suspect, is unintentional?

        • reply Chris Rutter ,

          I love it! Put a small saucer (to catch the wax drippings) on top and make it a one-of-a-kind candle holder. Beautiful!!!

          • reply Ann Davis ,

            I’m loving it!!! It’s a coral reef!!!

            • reply Krisha ,

              This design is enchanting. I would like to see the blooms incorporated in a pin or lengthy necklace. I’m not sure that a polymer handbag is practical. But please keep trying. You are very talented.

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