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Sometimes all we need is color to brighten our day. Today Ronit Golan’s stacks of midnight rainbow colors will do the trick. Hint: she adds dark blue to her usual 24 colors for this version.

The cutout disks are ready to slide into the extruder tube. Ronit combines the resulting shapes into canes. She offers her color and stacking advice for free in this post.

Find out what Ronit makes with the extruded results on her Flickr and Etsy sites. Give yourself a time limit before you check out her Pinterest page or you could happily wander for hours. She adds her accidents and brainstorms to Facebook.

  • reply Ronit Golan ,

    Thank you so much Cynthia.
    I hope that my doing will keep on inspiring those who love to create and also to the ones that are planning to start.
    This such an amazing surprise to be published here 🙂
    Thank you !!!

    • reply Sherri Kellberg ,

      Congratulations, Ronit! I love your work!

      • reply Maggie ,

        Love that deep dark! Gives the colors such depth!

        • reply Carmel Heumann ,

          Wonderful colors! Wonderful artist!

          • reply Chrysalis ,

            Her work really is stunning! I ordered some canes from her & I wasn’t disappointed. I am excited about decorating my crochet hooks with them – this way, I will have both ergonomic handles & lovely works of art to craft with.

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