Ford Forlano on PCDaily

As Steve Ford and David Forlano continue their exploration of tube shapes, they hit upon this juicy jumble of obliquely cut polymer pipes. The magnetic closure fits easily into the design.

The long strand below shows what happens with the same oblique cut edges on smaller, brighter beads with a few surprising circles tossed in the mix.

They’re revisiting some of their ideas from the 90’s, updating them with new surfaces. Here’s a behind-the-scenes studio picture and you’ll find more on Facebook.

This is part of their selection for next weekend’s Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. To spot more polymer, look for Kathleen Dustin and Wiwat Kamolpornwijit in the show catalog.

Ford Florlano on PCDaily
  • reply David Forlano ,

    Thanks for the post Cynthia. It has been an interesting adventure over the past year. We have taken some of these ideas and pushed them beyond “safe” and pulled back again to something that works. Sometimes it takes years to get brave with an idea. Or it could just be the time away helps to see things in a different light. It has been a good lesson in looking back into the archives and searching fore ideas that were not yet fully developed.

    • reply Sylvia Valentine ,

      As ever, inspiration and education in one tidy package.

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