Meeting your maker

Muir on PCDaily

Melanie Muir has upgraded her site just in time for her debut at the National Museum of Scotland in Endinburgh on November 29 and 30. Her tools, coaching, and workshops are easily accessible in one neat presentation on the updated site.

Melanie was selected as one of a handful of artists to share her techniques, processes and inspirations by Craft Scotland for their Meet Your Maker events.

The selected makers will talk informally to the public, demonstrate their work and show working pieces. Melanie will also teach a workshop at the museum.

“I am constantly inspired by the colours and patterns that surround me at my coastal home in Nairn, in the Scottish Highlands,” Melanie says. This cuff is part of her Rock series and is entitled Beach Net.

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    Melanie’s work is so beautiful, and finished perfectly, love it!

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