Fonseca on PCDaily

It’s penguin season according to Scotland’s Ines Fonseca. “This is the time when most penguin species gather with their colonies to nest and it is amazing what they can endure for survival. Adelies gather on rocky areas where they can build their nests far from ice and they spend a lot of time going back to the sea for krill.” A colorful scarf can do a lot to improve your mood in the cold.

Ines’ says that playing with polymer is like being a kid again and her bugs, birds, fish and animals have a childlike quality that you can appreciate better on Flickr, Facebook and Etsy.

  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    Oh my gosh these are soooooo incredibly cute. I checked out the flickr pages and those Vikings are amazing – totally my favourite. Great work Ines and huge thanks for this share Cynthia.

    • reply Christi Uliczny ,

      Those little penguins are adorable!!!! The sailor penguins are etsy are my favorites.

      • reply Inês ,

        Such a wonderful surprise to see the penguins here! Thank you Cynthia!

        • reply Looking back to 2014 :: Um olhar sobre 2014 | Creatureshire ,

          […] November marked the Penguin season in Creatureshire. Many penguins flew around the world into new homes, and they even found their way into Polymer Clay Daily! […]

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