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UK children’s book writer and illustrator Jon Burgess has been exploring patterns on the computer and following the fascination for some years. He hit upon polymer only recently and reserves one day each week for that work. He calls his disheveled Thursday studio clayhem and you can visit it here.

Burgess on PCDaily

He says of his rustic organic beads, “I love using polymer clay for its ability to resemble or echo all kinds of natural materials. It allows unusual forms to emerge, creative trains of thought to be followed, and textures and surface treatments to be applied at will.”

Jon’s computer designs become image transfers that turn into tiles, coasters and beads. “I find it very satisfying to see something physical and tangible, like a ceramic tile with my design on it rather than it being a virtual idea on a screen. Somehow my designs make sense as tiles and coasters. It’s as if that is what they always wanted to be,” he explains.

You can see more of his work on Etsy, Flickr and Pinterest. Selena Anne Wells sent the link to Jon along.

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  • reply Debbie Crothers ,

    Yum these beads really appeal to me. Best go check out a bit more of his work now.

    • reply Jon Burgess ,

      Thanks Cynthia! I wondered why you were stalking me yesterday ;-))))
      It’s so nice to get feedback on my work as I’m used to ploughing a lonely furrow in my creative life (other than my Illustration of course. . . ) not really expecting anyone to ‘get’ what I’m doing.

      • reply Claire Maunsell ,

        I’ve been looking at his work for a couple of months – great stuff! Right up my alley….the computer designs and the beads – together – are wonderful!

        • reply Jon Burgess ,

          Thanks Claire, that means a lot coming from you 😉 Your work is inspiring. I’m itching to try some hollow pods again (I had a quick try a couple of months ago) and work out how to texture them without squashing them flat . . .

        • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo designs ,

          A very rustic style, but full of glamour…love!!

          • reply Luann Udell ,

            Jon’s work really resonates with me, and I just ‘favorited’ (is that a word?) his Etsy shop. The images you selected for this post remind me of some of my favorite beads, vintage handmade African ‘sand cast’ trade beads, made from recycled glass. Wonderful work, Jon, so glad Cynthia’s curation brought it to my attention today.

            • reply Jon Burgess ,

              Thanks Luann, I’m a fan of your work. I like how it’s ancient but not really. I love things that conform to an idea of ancient and ‘primitive’ that may have no relation to actual ancient or primitive (whatever they might be) yet powerfully resonate in our imaginations.

            • reply Luann Udell ,

              Jon, EXACTLY!! May I quote you at my next open studio? :^D

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