Anthropological polymer

Williamson on PCDaily

The trendy Pennsylvania-based store, Anthropologie, asked Genevieve Williamson for a line sheet in July and samples in November. Her polymer pieces are rough hewn, carved, textured and faceted in soft heathered colors. The retailer loved the samples. Now she waits.

Can you imagine being nervous that they’d say no and petrified that they’d say yes? That’s 2000 pieces and exposure in over 185 stores!

How brave is Genevieve to share her samples and her anxiety in a blog post? Will we think she failed if they turn her down? Not me! That takes guts. You go, girl. You make us proud.

I’m happy to say that you can read more about Genevieve in my book, Polymer Clay Global Perspectives. You can catch more of her vibe on Pinterest.

If you’d like to say, “I knew her when”, you can shop in her Etsy store now.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    See, this is one of the serious drawbacks of production work. It’s AMAZING for those who can do it, but I have trouble making enough beads for one necklace, let alone 2000 items! I’d go starkers! So best of luck to Genevieve, but as for me, no way!!!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Bravo, Genevieve!!!! And if Anthropologie doesn’t pan out, there are many more galleries out there that would love to have it. And the line sheet is completed! So it’s a major win no matter how it turns out. Most important, well-deserved.

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