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Barcelona’s Sona Grigoryan will bring in the new year with a Baroque flourish! Her polymer swash necklace combines architecture and drama.

Imagine the superpowers you could claim if you wore this on New Year’s Eve! Such strength and self-assurance. I’ll be wearing this…virtually.

Sona shares her bangle tutorial on YouTube as an end-of-the-year treat. Go soak up some of her vibe on her website and make a powerful entrance to 2015. More on Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Sona ,

    Hi, dear Cynthia!! I’m so-so happy you liked this piece. Do you know why? Because I decided to make a little gift to you. I’ve been thinking about making a necklace for you, an Armenian one. I even have a folder in my notebook named “Cynthia” where I collected a big quantity of motives, ornaments. Everything you like )). I’ll make it for you anyway. So sorry, it’s too late to wear it on New Years eve. So catch it, my dear! It’s flying to you!!
    I love you!!

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      Sona – You are so thoughtful and I am speechless. What a way to start the new year with such a powerful piece. My humble thank you.


      • reply Sona ,

        That’s a big pleasure for me, dear Cynthia! You decieve the best! Now, I must make the gift box 🙂 And please, send me your exact adress. I asked Wendy, but send it to me again please. My e-mail is

        • reply Sona ,

          :D:D deserve, sorry..

    • reply Marica Zammit ,

      Oh my! I was already familiar with Sona’s work through her wonderful YouTube videos but this is truly exquisite. Love it!

      All the best for 2015!
      Marica xx

      • reply Eugena ,

        This necklace is absolutely beautiful! Such a clever and fearless design! Love it!

        • reply staci louise ,

          Sona is such a huge inspiration to me! She just keeps upping her game- beautiful piece!

          • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

            Sona is an AMAZING artist. I kept slapping my forehead as I looked at her work and tutorial…. saying, “why didn’t I think of that?” She is incredibly talented. Thank you for the post.

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,


              • reply Diana ,

                She’s an unbelievably talented and creative artist. I’m always mesmerized by her work.

                • reply Christy Dickerson ,

                  This was the most professional and fascinating website! I enjoyed it so much. The video tutorials are not to be missed! What beautiful art making! Thank you Sona and Cynthia for sharing.

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