Fashionable geometry

Flanagan on PCDaily

Sydney’s Jayne Flanagan (nellsdottir) shows us another simple approach for 2015.

Jayne combines chunky, smooth, matte-finished shapes balanced by long tube beads. She paints repeating dots, stripes and checks on some of the beads using color and texture in spare and thoughtful ways.

Her bracelet designs mix a sturdy flat bangle shape with fat beads that look meant for teething.

Flanagan on PCDaily

No fancy tools or techniques are required for this fresh and trendy blend of color and geometry. You can see the whole range of Jayne’s designs on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Picbi and study some stunning larger pictures on her photographer’s portfolio site.

  • reply genevieve williamson ,

    I’ve been following Jayne for a while and love her work! Go check out all her all neutral pieces too – they are my favorites and really show her strong design sense. (I’d love to see her online site up and running so I could get one of those bracelets. Hint, hint Jayne 😉

    • reply Lyone ,

      I love her style! Simple and bold, but very finished.

      • reply Wendy Moore ,

        I first heard about Jayne via Genevieve Williamson’s Instagram and love her pieces. Such a refined elegance and yet a sense of fun. Thrilled to see her highlighted here! You have inspired me to Follow!

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