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Julie Picarello allowed herself only one imprint tool for these Lunar Flowers. She haunts hardware stores looking for metal parts that leave unusual marks and shapes. For this exercise Julie challenged herself to move out of her comfort zone and design in 3D in a more loose way than usual for one day.

” I threw all caution in the wind, and distorted and manipulated on purpose. It was a strange feeling, and I might even have whimpered a little when I forced myself to cut a hole off-center. But by the end of the day, I was hooked on these simple little components,” she says.

She admits that she’s returning to her beloved imprinting technique, “But it feels good to have dipped a toe in uncharted waters, and lived to tell the tale.”

Her new works also include crackle surfaces and patterned edges that haven’t appeared before. Have you ventured beyond your usual depth lately?

  • reply Eugena ,

    These are so beautiful and original! I am glad Julie challenged herself – the results are wonderful.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      We are so often jumping up and down when we discover a new tool–double ended knitting needle sets, cuticle pushers, plastic bottle caps with concentric circles–that the challenge is effortless; but that only means we should look further, and with more deliberate intent.

      • reply carole ,

        Thanks to Julie’s book I’m always on the prowl for interesting tools and textures!

        • reply tejae ,

          These are so cheerful! Love them Julie!

          • reply Bakrbara ,

            I have always admired Julie’s work! I’ve found some of the best tools for jewelry-making and polymer clay are in the aisles of hardware stores!

            • reply Klavdija ,

              They’re beautiful!

              • reply Sue Ellen ,

                These are wonderful…I love the organic nature of the pieces AND I’m inspired by Julie’s willingness to step outside of her comfort zone to try something different. It’s scary to step away from what works and I often need reminding to do just that! THANKS!

                • reply Julie Picarello ,

                  Thanks to everyone for the comments…and special appreciation to Cynthia for making the comments possible! It’s always such a treat to be featured. Thank you!

                  • reply Rebecca ,

                    Oh my… I love these circles!

                    • reply Leslie Yowell ,

                      I guess I just stumbled upon a really old issue, but these are truly lovely experiments.

                      • reply Barbara ,

                        Such fun components!

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