Steven on PCDaily

Vintage celluloid pieces are the starting point for California’s Laurel Steven’s New Old series of pendants and brooches. “In this series I’m combining molded pieces of vintage bits with more modern textures,” she explains.

Steven on PCDaily

She revives and refashions her extensive collection of celluloid by molding polymer versions of the originals and updating them with today’s colors thenĀ pairing them with trendy textured backgrounds.

Laurel plays with other techniques that you can see on Facebook, on Flickr, on Pinterest and in her Etsy shop. You can sense that she’s drawn to the old souls of the celluloid florals and enjoys giving these early plastics a second chanceĀ in polymer.

  • reply Laurel Steven ,

    Thank you so much for featuring my little pieces, Cynthia! What a lovely TGIF surprise!

    • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

      Those are pretty wonderful.

      • reply FranOnTheEdge ,

        Interesting articles you have here.
        Such a shame that the images are all so small that you can’t really see the design, especially on Melanie Muir’s black N white cuff, said to be Highland style Mokume Gane. Sounds like a great idea, but I can’t tell from this image. Also couldn’t find it on Melanie’s own site. Very frustrating. I tried so hard simply because I’m really interested in Mokume Gane. Ah well, never mind.
        Liked the article about the sea urchins (found a more visible pic of that on Flickr) couldn’t find the purple ones she talked about though.
        Liked the celluloid vintage article too, not that I understand the part about ‘celluloid’ though, but hey ho.
        So keep up the good work, but think about getting more visible images.

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