Cleaning up after the flood

The flood of Facebook posts from PCD has stopped. Thank you for your alerts and your support. Of all days, I was sick in bed with a bad cold and not checking in.

The autoposter went crazy and you got a crash course in polymer. I’m still under the weather and will take a couple of days to regroup and get over my embarrassment. Your notes were all very kind and understanding and I heartily appreciate that. What a kind audience you are.

  • reply Sabine ,

    Dear Cynthia, it was an absolute treat to wake up to gallery of delicious polymer works. Hope you will feel better soon!

    • reply Susan ,

      Wait – that wasn’t supposed to happen? I enjoyed every one and found many that I had missed. I thought that you had planned a big treat for all of us, lol. At any rate, I hope you are on the way to recovery!

      • reply Katya ,

        Dear Cynthia, get well soon!

        • reply Joan Clipp ,

          I enjoyed the refresher course, I’d missed some too, thanks Cynthia, and feel better ASAP!

          • reply Carol beal ,

            Dear Cynthia, I loved it! Feel better soon!

            • reply Priscilla Wentworth ,

              I was puzzled at first, but actually enjoyed the feeling of déjà vu! Hope you feel better soon; I look forward to your posts every day.

              • reply Kathy Anderson ,

                Dear Cynthia,
                I loved every second of it! I teach 7th grade in my other life, and this last nine days is hell, so it was a needed distraction as I snuck away every hour. Feel better.

                • reply staci louise ,

                  I actually enjoyed all the posts coming up again! i love to see all that creativity in my feed. I knew you had said there was server trouble so I chalked it up to that. Feel better!

                  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                    I figured it was a glitch, but there are much worse things to populate my feed than your excellent polymer clay posts!! Hope you are better now.

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