Bonham on PCDaily

A trip to a local quilt festival prompted Vermont’s Mags Bonham to go all rainbow. The colored paperclips used as findings take her Skinner blended swirls a step farther. The resulting Love Wins earrings make for a simple and striking project.

Bonham on PCDaily

Usually Mags is busy with Beer Gear (she and her husband are brewers) which she cuts out on her Silver Bullet or Silhouette cutter.

But occasionally Mags likes to move out of her hops-centered world into something different. Follow her on Facebook, her site, Etsy and Pinterest.

  • reply Mags Bonham ,

    Thanks for the feature Cynthia!!! These are SO fun to make and are getting a great response.

    • reply Sherry ,

      Cool! My evil twin wants to steal the idea, though — I’m trying to smack her down!

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