Brotherly love in polymer

Stevens on PCDaily

This city scene shows the Philadelphia skyline compressed into a colorful and small (7 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ deep) 3D polymer wall piece.

It’s the first time Veruschka Stevens has attempted wall art (though she’s created lots of diorama necklaces) and she challenged herself further by limiting her tools to a knife, a blade and a roller.

She’s looking for your input about framing her creation. Here are four possibilities that you can comment on. Which do you prefer?

Veruschka likes big, bold statement jewelry that she photographs in sunny, fashionable settings. You may consider jazzing up your wardrobe after seeing how her models vamp with attitude in her colors. She has a board on Pinterest dedicated to her models.

Poke around the vibrant website of this fearless artist (yep, she sent PCD her link so you wouldn’t miss it…hint, hint). There’s more to see on Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Carrie Harvey ,

    What a wonderful piece! So much detail in such a small space – lovely.
    As for the frame, l like both 3 and 4 – the dark frame sets it off really well but on a dark wall the former would be perfect.
    Looking forward to seeing more wall pieces!

    • reply Darma ,

      This piece is impressive. Frame choice – my first is 4, second is 1.

      • reply Cynthia Beecker ,

        I like number 4 because the scene really pops with the dark frame. A great piece.

        • reply Karen Brueggemann ,

          A really fun piece. With all the detail in the little scene, you don’t need a busy background. Number 4 or number 2 work best for this reason and like Cynthia Beecher said, the colors really pop on the darker background.

          • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

            First let me say I’m so glad Cynthia that you showcased her work here…I’ve been following her for quite sometime now…with respects to her New venture in Polymer” Philly Skyline”…I like the Dark background…as someone here has already pointed out it makes the whole scene & details pop…however…I think I’d texture the dark background similar to that of #3…this way it wouldn’t get lost if placed on a dark wall of similar tone/hue…

            • reply Kelli ,

              Number 4 – makes her colors look the most vibrant.

              • reply Claire Fairweather ,

                I like the black (No.4) best as everyone else has commented but the others are interesting. You have obviously put some thought into this.

                • reply Miriam ,

                  I love her amazing work and got to meet her several years ago. Not only a phenomenal artist but a very gracious and kind person too!

                  • reply Jill Palumbo ,

                    I like #4.

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