Sitting Pretty polymer

Church on PCDaily

Canadian Kate Church refers to her work as sculptural puppetry combining the line and form of sculpture with the playful anima of puppetry. Here in the recent Sitting Pretty a dancer drapes herself on a sofa as she waits for her tutu.

Kate used to create figures for Cirque du Soleil which were sold around the world.

Church on PCDaily

Now she creates art and teaches polymer, cloth and wire sculptural workshops that are on the bucket lists of many polymer artists.

Kate’s freshened her website making it easier to access her rich and spritely archives.


  • reply delphine ,

    What an extraordinary artist ! Thank you for the discovery !

    • reply Kathy McCurry ,

      Cynthia – Thank you so much for bringing this delightful work to our attention. These characters that Kathy Church has created started off my day with a wonderful sense of enchantment. Rich in detail, lovingly imagined and brought to life… fantastic.

      • reply Dawn Stubitsch ,

        These are so much fun.

        • reply Alice Stroppel ,

          I simply adore Kate’s work and this crazy lady might just be my favorite. Thanks Cynthia.

          • reply LaLa ,

            Kate Church is awesome! I will be taking a workshop with her next month! I just cant wait!!!! 🙂

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