Polymer seahorse rodeo

Be careful! This Seahorse Rodeo from Utah’s MaryAnne Loveless may rope you in and drag you under with patterns and colors and shapes.

MaryAnne often creates her beads and sculptures in big groups. A look at her Flickr gallery (also Pinterest) shows the logic of repeating a design until you get the feel of it and have worked out all the challenges and rough spots. You also see what an impression a big collection can make.

A tip of the beach hat to MaryAnne for bringing us these 3″ tall polymer broncos.

Loveless on PCDaily
  • reply Mary Anne Loveless ,

    My seahorse rodeo just amped up its “yippy-ky-eye-ay,” thanks to your “howdy, partner.” Thank you!

    • reply Eugena ,

      Oh, these are delicious! So many possibilities! Clever idea and gorgeous results.

      • reply Kit Lockwood ,

        These are wonderful! And just when I was ready for something other than the fish craze!

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