Heads full of ideas

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The gardens outside Maureen Carlson’s facility in Minnesota provide a testing ground for outdoor polymer sculptures. Some have decorated the landscape for up to seventeen years.

Student Jacqui Stratton’s head has sat with others in the studio window for years, a product of one of Maureen’s Faces on Stone classes. We could hardly detect where the stone ended and the polymer began.

Polymer survived the seasons nicely on any number of garden sprites tucked among the┬ávegetation and faces hung on fences. You can see more examples on my Instagram page. Class is over. We’re headed home with heads full of ideas for decorating our own homes and gardens.

  • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

    Great to know! Thank you.

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      Jacque created this sculpture, and a number of others, after she learned the basic techniques in a class. Wonderful, isn’t it? And thank you, Cynthia, for exploring our gardens with your appreciative eye.
      In my experience I’ve found that polymer clay can be used outside with some concessions to sun and weather and color instability. Most of my things are earth tones, and are acceptable – and even cherished – when weathered into faded shades of the garden and trees that surround it. I also protect most of the pieces from direct 12-hours a day sunlight.

      • reply SandrA ,

        Awesome work she does. I like her imaginary world.

        • reply Dawn-Marie deLara ,

          I think you captured the essence of the place beautifully in your instagram photos, along with the pure delight of playing at Maureen’s. It’s a magical world!

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