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These Diva Dolls from Barbara McGuire turn into pendants, pins or framed art. What a simple yet evocative use of faces! It’s one of her favorite classes and part of a series she’s teaching in North Carolina in August.

Barbara’s works have a loose and flowing ethereal look. Even her mokume gane stands out as distinctly hers with graceful lines, thin layers, glints of metal leaf and sophisticated colors. She calls hers Intentional Mokume and will be teaching that in August as well.

Barbara worked in polymer industry for years and wrote 10 books so she has an eye for good tools.

McGuire on PCDaily

She developed her own line including some ingenious measuring designs and hand drawn patterns made into deep rubber stamps which she sells online.

Maybe it’s Barbara’s ease with polymer after years of experience that comes through in her pieces. Go see for yourself on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and YouTube.

  • reply Barbara McGuire ,

    Cynthia, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your kind words – there were actually some tears that fell this morning when I open it up as I was completely stunned. No matter how many times I have published or announced my own work, nothing compares to seeing an acknowledgement unanticipated. I know you have done that for so many people, especially when encouragement comes at a good time. There is something magical that happens when people reach beyond their own talents to share for the benefit of many. You have that gift and I am so grateful for your humble and generous heart. Thank you truly, Barbara

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      love these–elegant and mysterious.

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Cool. I love purchasing her tools. BUT, Hey! I want to take her Intentional Mokume Gane workshop. Just too darned far away. Love, LOVE that bracelet. Guess I will just have to try and figure it out.

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