Sleight of hand in polymer

Leonini on PCDaily

Italy’s Cecilia Leonini plays an optical trick as she tinkers with the illusions created by painter Victor Vasarely. Could she create a 2D piece with a 3D effect by using color and hand cut lines?

What you may think are beads at the left are quite flat pieces of polymer colored and grooved to fool the eye.

Cecilia’s teaser may give your brain a Monday stretch. Follow her tricksĀ on Flickr, Etsy and Facebook.

Leonini on PCDaily
  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Okay, now this is extremely cool!

    • reply Jana Honnerova ,

      Is it me, or is this a total decay? Cecilia has another stuff to be mentioned!

      • reply Diana ,

        These are great!

        • reply Colie ,

          It worked! I thought I was looking at round beads. Very cool.

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