Veesuel’s Knots and Ribbons series are created using Sculpey’s Souffle clays which have a distinctive suede-like texture. Because Souffle is not sticky, patterns made with it can be manipulated in unusual ways to make ribbon-covered bracelets, rings and pendants.

“The idea was to simulate the feel and flexibility of fabric,” says Veesuel. She made the black and white curved base of regular Premo that she sanded and polished. Watch out, she’s got lots more ideas that you can find on Facebook and Pinterest.

The red, white and blue (well, purple) looks so festive that we’ll keep it around for the US Labor Day coming up! Thanks to Libby Mills for alerting us.

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    Wow ! Thank you for this highlight ! I’m so pleased and proud to be published here. This will make my day 😀

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        Mise à l’honneur absolument pas usurpée ! Créativité, originalité et maîtrise sont toujours au rendez-vous avec Veesuel !

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