Urban polymer on social media

Garrod on PCDaily

The UK’s Angela Garrod has jumped into Facebook this month with the same intensity and determination that she brings to her art.

Her Strata pendant is part of her Opposites series. Suspended on a square silver wire choker Strata was created during Christine Dumont’s Genesis¬†online course as a study in line and shape.

Garrod on PCDaily

On Facebook Angela shares her work-in-progress shots and lets you see the how she tackled the problems she ran into. Watching her work develop is a class in itself and you’ll want to follow along.

Her neck rings like this Bricklane slip over the wearer’s head and are particularly fascinating with their strong urban designs applied onto tribal shapes. She also shares these works and ideas on her Pinterest boards.

  • reply alison ,

    so gorgeous! just love the colors and textures!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Her work is a-Mazing. Thanks for the post.

      • reply Angela Garrod ,

        Dear Cynthia, just got home oh and what a pleasant surprise to find myself featured here!!!!! Thank you so much again. It is always a great honour and I appreciate it greatly!! This has made my day!!!! Love Angela xxx

        • reply SandrA ,

          Awesome work.

          • reply Kit Lockwood ,

            That “fine urban design onto tribal shape” is brilliant! I love the juxtaposition. It makes me look again and again.

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