Magpies collaborate

Lehocky on PCDaily

This new batch of Picarello/Lehocky hearts was too beautiful to pass by. Julie Picarello tidied her studio and forwarded those pesky tail ends and bothersome bits to Ron Lehocky.

Ron never met a polymer scrap he couldn’t use. Look at the lovely collaborative patterns that he melded into hearts (more here). He’ll peddle the pins for the Kids Center during Julie’s 2-day class in Indianapolis. Here are Ron and Julie on Facebook.

Picarello on PCDaily

The yellow pieces below are Julie’s samples for Magpie Mokume. In this version she adds leaf and inks and anything within reach into her stacks of clay colors.


  • reply Ron Lehocky ,

    Thanks, Cynthia, for the post. Great way to start my day! Working with Julie’s remnants was a joy. Every piece of her luscious scrap was a precious gem and I tried my best to use every bit of what she donated. I ended up with about 75 hearts. So indirectly she has contributed to raising $750 for The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies. Everyone wins in this scenario. My current total is 31,450 hearts.

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