Buddha cane by Jon Anderson


Jon Anderson lives and works in Bali and is one of the most prolific and accomplished artists in polymer. Years of pinching and pounding clay have taken their toll on Jon’s thumb. He’s scheduled for thumb repairs and in the meanwhile his longtime assistant demoed Jon’s process, assembling and reducing the cane according to his instructions.

Jon pays strict attention to the angle of light in his intricately caned sculptures and is always aware of how he leads the viewer’s eye through each piece. This Buddha cane illustrates how John builds large canes and plays with light to enhance the 3D effect. Slices of the reduced cane are integrated in with Jon’s distinctive repeated designs to make sculpture or jewelry.


For more photos, interviews and recordings of this delightfully eccentric and very successful artist, sign up for the Saturday StudioMojo where we’ll take a more in-depth look at what I learned on the Bali-Fiber Tour that I’m currently on. See Jon’s latest work on his Facebook page.

  • reply Jon Anderson ,

    Thank you ever so much for calling me ‘eccentric’. Barking mad and around the twist are not nearly as pretentious…I love it!

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      That is amazing!

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        Absolutely stunning Jon.

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