Simpson on PCDaily

Abell is a loudmouthed, forgetful brawler. He can’t remember much because there’s nothing in his head. “That’s where you come in,” says artist Jason Simpson, “Pens, pennies, pebbles or petunias–whatever you want.” 

Jason  creates these custom polymer sculptures in his Mongrel Labs in Vancouver, BC.. “My shop is inhabited by things that come out of my brain, through my fingers and into the Sculpey,” he says.

Simpson on PCDaily

You get a better idea of his process from the photos on Instagram

You may not share Jason’s love of hard-bitten characters but  his skill and his passion reach out and grab you.This is my art. I think it, make it, sell it. In between, I live it, dream it, love it, can’t wait to finish it, always hate to see it go,” Jason admits.

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