Minimalist inclinations

Kato on PCDaily

Donna Kato’s new curvy, shiny, sleek bangle bracelets express her move toward minimalist designs.

Kato on PCDaily

She’s been looking at her older work loaded with textures, patterns and colors and asking herself, “Is it me? Is it me today?” Just because polymer can be complex doesn’t mean it has to be. Smooth and subtle and polished to a high shine is where she is now.

Here you see the top and bottom of the bangle. See shots from other angles on Donna’s Facebook pages

  • reply Julie Picarello ,

    Donna is the master of sleek and sinuous shapes and the most perfect finishes. The first time I saw her handle polymer I was astonished by the gentle yet magical way she had with it, and this minimalist bracelet showcases her skills beautifully. All it needs is a pair of Louboutins to go along with it!

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