Parts, pieces, problem solving polymer

Campbell at PCDaily

Don’t be fooled by this little quilt-like image of Heather Campbell’s mixed media assemblage that includes much sculpted polymer. You must envision it full-sized – a 4-foot square!

And be sure to look at Heather’s in-process photos like the one below to get a better idea of the size and complexity of the piece.

The heavily encrusted circles and spirals join into one piece called Keep Circling. This story speaks about the need to, “Keep searching for that space and place that gives you meaning and purpose. You are the only one that can recognize and identify your center as home.” she explains.

Campbell on PCDaily

Heather says that, “All my assemblage pieces have a story, and it’s so much more fulfilling to me to work on something with parts and pieces, and problem solving.”

Heather refers to her style as Bohemian Nouveau, combining the free spirited characteristics of the Bohemian lifestyle with the decorative motifs of the Art Nouveau movement. Learn much more on her sites on Pinterest, Artful Home and Artists of Utah.







  • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

    OMG…this is incredible…with this size and design complexities…this has to be a labor of Love for you Heather…I’m curious where & how will it be displayed…as one whole unit or in segments?

    • reply Silvana Bates ,


      • reply Chris Owens ,

        Enlarging her image to screen size really showed the details and images hidden in her design. The “in process” images brought home how rich Heather’s colors and textures are. Fascinating!

        • reply Aims ,

          OMG! This is just unbelievable! I wish you had put the instructions to click on the pic to enlarge it as I know so many people will miss just how complex and beautiful it all is!!
          I do have a question – is some of this fabric? Or is it all polymer clay?
          Truly amazed!! Heather has an incredible talent and an eye for colour and a far-seeing visage! Truly amazed here!!!!!

          • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

            Fantastic, love this, you can gaze for ages and still see more and more, truly inspirational!!

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