A tutorial under your tree

Lehocky on PCDaily

Dr. Ron Lehocky apologized for being late in sending PCD readers this free holiday tree tutorial. He explains that he’s been busy making over 1100 heart trees since November. He’s turned his signature heart upside down and added some bling in keeping with the season.


Ron offers the tutorial as a thank you gift to the polymer community who have so wholeheartedly supported the heart project and the Fimo 50 effort which both benefit the Kids Center. He’s also celebrating having made 33,150 hearts. (Can you imagine?)

Ron extruded so much green polymer that he tired of the color and created a blue Frozen series of trees. They sold out quickly. Unwrap your present from Ron at this link. Follow him on Facebook where you can see his fans decked out fashionably in hearts.

  • reply Amy ,

    Thank you for this great tutorial

    • reply MOMENToCOMPLEMENTo Designs ,

      thank to share! happy christmas^^

      • reply Margy M. ,

        Ron, thank you for the present. Your holiday tutorial is terrific. I’m looking forward to claying and playing with it soon! Happy Holidays to you and yours….Margy

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