Bright spots of polymer

Cepelikova on PCDaily

You’ve probably figured out that sometimes I choose pieces to feature just because they’ll make a bright spot on the PCD site design. And some shapes are fun to cut out in Photoshop. I indulge myself.

Pavla Cepelikova’s organic brooch struck all the right notes and doesn’t it look pretty here? I have no idea how she’s making those patterned swirls. She adds sparkly bits in the crevices.

The brooch is part of her Ammonite series and she tells all in a tutorial on Etsy. You may remember that she offered her version of polymer batik a couple of years ago. Pavla shares lots of examples on Flickr and Pinterest.


Speaking of indulging yourself, there are a raft of conferences coming up early next year. Need a treat to put on your gift list? The New Jersey Clayathon has a very attractive price tag especially if you register within the next two weeks.



Mondrian polymer

Loew on PCDaily

It was a rainy day and Baltimore’s Linda Loew had some time on her hands so she created this simple square bowl. Its mid-century, Mondrian vibes might make you believe it’s a 50’s ashtray but stubbing out your cig on polymer wouldn’t be smart.

The playful slump of the shape, the minimalist use of color, and the gilt edge combine for an artful, amusing, MadMen effect. Would you guess that the grid lines are transferred on? That’s my theory.

Linda prefers to fly under the online radar. You’ll have to befriend her on Facebook. The previous times that PCD has snagged her at conferences are here and here.

One-of-a-kind polymer


Sophie Arzalier (Cristalline) starts her holiday decorating with polymer that hints of enamels. The poinsettia petals and backgrounds are made with subtle blends that make them glow.

Sophie takes advantage of one sure-fire palette and combines the components in ways that make them each one-of-a-kind.

She shares her methods on her blog, on Facebook, and in her Etsy shop.

Home run

I’m hugging my computer and blessing my studio now that we’re home after too long on the road (extra time for ice). Now to sort the mail, take care of the dangling loose ends and retrieve the balls I dropped. Thank you for hanging in there with me.