Marchal on PCDaily

The silly marine life from Denmark’s Estelle Marchal (lesptitsmobiles) gave me a laugh. She makes them into mobiles suspended from driftwood.

Can you imagine encountering these creatures floating in the night with their glowing eyes and fish grins? Sometimes a laugh or a surprise are what we need from our art. She claims they scare nightmares away.

There are more jollies and Estelle’s whole story on Instagram, her site, Pinterest and Facebook.

  • reply Meisha ,

    It’s amazing how expressive they are…she got a knack! They made me laugh…
    thanks for that.

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,


      • reply Insiga ,

        How does she do the mouth? I was trying to figure it out the whole evening yesterday, but no success…

        • reply Sandra forbes ,

          How can I buys some of your brilliant creations
          Love them
          Sandra forbes

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