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Not only are Tatiana Parshikova’s colors luscious but this version of mokume gane takes me back to the early days when Lindly Haunani showed us how she layered metallic leaf between translucent layers.

Tatiana has updated the technique with multi layers of beautiful color sliced into large thin pieces applied onto a bangle base. You can see more beads and jewelry that Tatiana made using this method on her Instagram site. There are pieces for sale in her Russian online gallery.

  • reply Jane Rieck ,

    I saw this a the bottom of a kimono and a little foot. It is a lovely sculpture! xo

    • reply Silvana Bates ,


      • reply Beth Loughridge ,

        I was thinking that you could probably get that particular design on the far left by using a light bulb (top) to make the impression in the stacked clay. I think many of us that love Mokume Gane get carried away poking things in the stack and get it too “busy”. (I know I’m guilty of that!) I also believe that is one reason Julie Picarello’s Imprint Canes are so wildly beautiful — she keeps it simple in most of her designs.

        • reply Emy ,

          What do you mean when you talk about using a light bulb, Beth? 🙂 I don’t really understand how you could have a similar result

        • reply joanne meller ,

          While I’ve played around a bit with mokume gane technique, I’ve never added gold leaf. Now that I’ve seen this, I REALLY want to try it. This is exceptional work. Again, thanks for sharing this, Cynthia! BTW, where does one purchase gold leaf sheets?

          • reply Wen ,

            Joanne, you can purchase it at any art store or most craft stores (Micheals, Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, etc). It also comes in silver, copper, and mulit-color.

          • reply Parshikova Tatyana ,

            Tnank you!)))

            • reply JD ,

              This is beautiful. Is there a tutorial for this variation on mokume gane?

              • reply kathay ,

                how do you use a lite bulb in the oven without it exploding, can you use a new one or burnt out one?

                • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

                  No worries, they won’t explode. Use either a new or an old one.

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