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Colorado artist/illustrator Tammy Durham is revisiting her favorite classic painters in polymer. Currently she is paying homage to Alphonse Mucha. Czech painter Mucha was one of the leaders of French Art Nouveau beginning in 1895.

Durham on PCDaily

These panels (Primrose on the left and Feather on the right) measure about 10 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and are created with carefully layered strips of clay plus extruded and sculpted bits that reinterpret the original art.

You can click on the images for a closer look and browse through Tammy’s Facebook feed for a glimpse of her work in progress. You can also see her work on her site and on Pinterest.

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    • reply Sandra ,

      Incredible work It got me more ideas. Thanks and God give you more talent. And Cynthia Thanks for all the education you bring to your readers.

      • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

        Amazing work. So creative, respectful and fresh. Thanks.

        • reply Fiona Abel-Smith ,

          Wonderful 🙂

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            These are amazing pieces of polymer clay art !

            • reply Tammy ,

              Thank you Polymer Clay Daily for including me among so many great artists.

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                Absolutely stunning!

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                  It is not fantastic …is more than fantastic! !!!!!!!

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