April 30 deadline – No fooling!

Phamova on PCDaily

Dana Phamova’s tile for the FIMO50 World Project shows off her fascination with color, light and shadow. Her 4″ tile could be a modern painting, a mosaic, or a collection of pieces from a Monopoly game. See more of Dana’s color studies here and here as well as on Flickr and Instagram.


The tiles from American artists continue to pile up in my studio until April 30 when I’ll box them up together and whisk them off to Germany. You still have time to mail yours to me in Ohio. Let’s make a great showing.

A sampling of entries are fun to study on Fimo50WorldProject. (Instagram updated its system forcing me to learn a new routine. Not to worry if yours hasn’t shown up yet. Check back.) Now off to the studio to finish your tile!

  • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

    Oh Cynthia, you’ve done it to me again. I had to purchase four of her stone tutorials. I am SO into rocks. My Sticks & Stones made it into the 2015 IPCA Award (no win) and now it is in the jurying for BeadDreams 2016. I am so hooked. My husband and I used to haunt gem shows and dig for our own crystals. We have a small china hutch with all of our mineral and stone specimens. As a former goldsmith and stone setter, I find it no surprise that I am into rocks. Your CraftCast tute made me start on this new cane-less adventure. Thanks. I love making drusy, lapis and jade. Looks like you’ve hooked me into larimar and labradorite… actually I love all the feldspar’s. Think I will try the Oregon Sunstone …. later.

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