Polymer love story

Kilgast on PCDaily

France’s Stephanie Kilgast has found a way to keep the cat that she had to put down recently. She created a palm-sized polymer version of Arya that can be popped into a pocketĀ or gazed at on a window sill.

This was a heartfelt departure from the fruits and veggies that Stephanie usually creates. She documented the sculpt with the video below. It’s a love story in polymer.

There are more videos on Stephanie’s YouTube channel and Facebook as well as her site.

  • reply Ronalyn Hurley ,

    Thank you for sharing Stephanie’s work. Her sculpting technique was very informative and the results lovely.

    • reply Jan Manning ,

      I love PCD, but lately I haven’t been getting it daily. They’re not in my junk file. Is there some way you can look into this?

      • reply Diana ,

        This is a lovely way to remember her cat…and her work is superb!

        • reply Brian ,

          Thank you for sharing. Beautifully done

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