Reversible, articulated, flexible polymer

Nicolas on PCDaily

Reversible, articulated and flexible – these three adjectives have defined the design ideas that France’s Olga Nicolas has pursued in polymer.

The dangles on these earrings can be removed and flipped over to reveal another pattern on the second side. On her Flickr pages you can see the results of recent research – articulated bracelets, clever magnetic closures, hidden hooks and buttons. 

Nicolas on PCDaily

Olga notes that her ideas have “ripened and evolved…” as she looked for well-designed closures, comfortable bracelets and earrings that offered variation.

See other research results from Olga on Facebook and Pinterest.

  • reply Eugena Topina ,

    Beautiful works! Clever construction, gorgeous designs, and skillful execution.

    • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

      This is just stunning work–so glad I went to her flickr and checked out those amazing bracelets! I would so take a class form this artist.

      • reply Peraud Sylvie ,

        Randee, Olga will teach those bracelets in Maryland at Master Class Camp. It’s still time to sign in…

      • reply Brenda Urquhart ,

        Love her cleverness and unique style…Bellissimo…

        • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

          • reply Olga ,

            Thank you Cynthia, it’s an honor for me to have my work featured on PCD !

            • reply cecile ,

              Magnifique, bravo !

              • reply Laetitia Veremme ,

                I like her work and this earrings are so ingenious 🙂 Bravo Olga 🙂

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