Otrzan on PCDaily

We end the week with one more polymer experimenter. The ideas floating around at the French Lick Atelier must have shifted my brain into gear. I came home hungry to push polymer farther.

Nikolina Otrzan’s new Infinity necklace  jumped out at me. Nik has been turning geometry on its head with her recent exploration of forms. Here she alternates closed and open rectangular links to create a sleek, chic necklace.

I’m sure you’re asking, “Are the links cut out or extruded? What kind of clay and construction tricks could she be using to give this design flexibility and strength?” I have no answers. All I know is that others’ innovations get our creative juices flowing. Thanks, Nik.

Here she is on Pinterest and CraftArtEdu.

  • reply Sarah Wilbanks ,

    Gorgeous!!! Great lines and innovative connectors.

    • reply genevieve williamson ,

      Amazing construction!

      • reply Julie Picarello ,

        Good grief, does this woman ever sleep? 😉
        I am amazed by her seemingly constant innovation, love, love, love it!

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