See-through polymer

Hyde on PCDaily

Just look at those translucent patterns layered over each other by Susan Hyde as she played with Cernit. Susan sent her experiments to Marie Segal who posted them to tempt the rest of us.

Bannister on PCDaily

Then Patti Bannister’s gradations of color upped the ante. Her lovely watery blues and greens melt into each other.

What is it about translucent that’s so seductive? Patti and Susan make it look easy. My first effort wasn’t as successful. Seems that thin, thin, thin layers are key. Are you as captivated by the possibilities as the rest of us?

  • reply Pati Bannister ,

    Thank you for featuring my earrings! I had just returned from a trip down to and through Florida Keys, and was seeking to capture something of the color and light of that gorgeous water. You’ve encouraged me. Thanks again.

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Love trans…. are they windows into the mysteries of our art? Or is it that we have been in an opaque pc world for so long. Yet Kathleen Dustin’s trans have haunted me since her first Ornament feature so long ago?

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