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Lisa Renner’s sculpted busts have wistful, pensive looks with lovely touches of fashion and mystery. Lisa avoids the telltale ways of working that scream “plastic”.  Her strong expressions and ceramic-like fabrics pull you right past the material and into the art.

It’s an enviable trick that Lisa teaches in her 2-day About Face class (the next one’s in September in Albuquerque). See if you can figure how how she performs this sleight of hand by flipping through the work on her website.  Check out her class schedule and friend her on Facebook.

  • reply Diana Reid ,

    Gorgeous! I love all her work…she’s simply brilliant!

    • reply Lisa Renner ,

      Thank you so much, Diana! I really appreciate that!

    • reply Delphine ,

      A fascinating, mysterious world…

      • reply Lisa Renner ,

        Thank you, Delphine- yes, I do like mysterious art!! 🙂

      • reply Denise ,

        Lisa is wonderful. One of the bes teachers I have had classes from. Love her art and she is the sweetest person.

        • reply Lisa Renner ,

          Thank you very much, Denise!

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