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It’s not often that inmates can send art home to their families. When Leslie Blackford offered to mail their sculptures to families, students in the Ohio prison classes put extra effort and humor into their Bobblehead creations. Leslie and Tammy Dye are two of their favorite visiting polymer artists.

Just look at this prison cat named Fendor (short for Offender, I’m sure). There are more examples on Leslie’s Instagram. Tammy’s cone beads were also a big hit.

One very devoted friend from rural Ohio prints each PCD post which she mails in a weekly package to incarcerated artists who study and share them. They’ll be seeing this in next week’s delivery so shout a big virtual hello!

Few tools, no internet, no air conditioning, lots of rules! A pretty stripped down studio setup but a terrific learning experience for both teachers and students. There’s nothing better than when a student says, “For an afternoon, I felt free.”  Where could you teach and brighten someone’s day?

  • reply PiperPixie ,

    Oh, how fun! I’ve never even thought about doing bobble heads in clay! Very clever;)

    • reply Aims ,

      Are you kidding me?! Sigh…..these are incredible!! You gals rock!! What amazing talent shown here! Well done indeed!

      • reply Luann Udell ,

        This is an amazing and empowering post in so many ways. Leslie and Tammy are sharing the healing power of art with those whose lives are already affected (for the good) by these visiting artist programs. “For an afternoon, I felt free…” Such beautiful, powerful words. Shivers ran down my spine (in a good way!) No matter what gets someone in prison, many of these people will be freed one day. If programs like these help them connect with the better angels of their nature, then their chances of healing, and moving forward with their lives, will be greatly increased. Good on you, Tammy and Leslie!!!

        • reply Leslie Blackford ,

          ” There before the grace of God go I”. Even though I am more spiritual than religious, those words are exactly what I learn from visiting the prison. .Thank you so much for these lovley comments. Thank you Cynthia for sharing the pictures of their artwork.
          Going to the Prison with Tammy is so very special to me. Tammy and I have a special bond due to our trips to the prison. I think we both feel very lucky to be allowed to spend the day with these smart , charming and talented people. People who are very excited and eager to learn . People just like you and me except they made some bad choices. It has truly made an impact in my soul. The whole experience is one of the most meaningful things I have done and I really hope to be able to visit more often.

          • reply Amanda King ,

            You ladies rock!

            • reply Marilyn Davenport ,

              Leslie Blackford is so giving and talented. I count her as a good friend.

              • reply Sera ,

                I totally agree with Luann. Tammy and Leslie – you are both my heroes today.

                • reply Anna L Cale ,

                  Thank You Leslie & Tammy. My daughter is Marcia Ellis housed at the ORW in Marysville. Today I received the bobble head pig she made at your visit and tomorrow is my 80th birthday. She was just thrilled with your visit and admired the both of you so much for your commitment to teaching them and treating them like the wonderful human beings they are. That you stayed i9n the stifling heat and worked with them was wonderful. she absolutely adores working with the polymer clay. She worked with beaded jewelry before her accident and I am so thankful to Cynthia Tinapple, Jacki Burns and Chris Money for bringing this program to them. Thank You so much for mailing the artwork too me. It was much appreciated. Sincerely Anna , proud mother of Marcia Ellis

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